Refund Policy

Gulmohar Digitech as a company  believes in providing  best services, we could and  Strictly adhere to our Refund Policy under any given circumstances . Every Organization forms a set of rules so that their customers will be well aware of their policies. It is very important to operate within legal Boundaries to avoid any potential issues.   

Firstly guidelines are issued to clients once a proposal is being sent to them, those guidelines are a clear mirror of the company’s refund policy . 

We are bound to the commitments which we offer to our Reputed Clients, which is being termed as a benchmark of our company .  

Once the proposal is sent or offered to the client our team of experts work tirelessly to get it done & delivered on time to the clients. 

Our team of experts work tirelessly for the betterment of the proposal (given to the clients ) at the initial stages and try our best to rectify if any error is found then & there . 

We believe in cancellation if any issue is being identified by the client then & there. Afterwards we don’t entertain any issues beyond a certain time frame. 

Money cannot be refunded if the client failed to provide the required materials like live session, reels, images etc to deliver the desired results.

It is the Prime Responsibility of a company to look after the client as well as their internal employees so that we as a company look after everyone in the right Proportion. 

Under the case of late information , the clients will not be entertained or money will not be refunded .