Application Support

we deal with people both on a business level and IT level of understanding; we act as the technical point of contact to fix application and systems issues, or incidents as they are known . we take care of production (live) issues and give immediate attention to resolve. We have strong team of technical analyst that deliver the form of a service that is needed To do this Application Support Analysts our team have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, an acute understanding that other people within the business depend upon , and the realisation of how to respond to that dependency via acknowledgement, updates and resolution. These are the primary roles of our organisation


our application support analyst have well competent IT literacy and ability around applications and services , our current technical knowledge and ability and increase it to commercial ability, with the core technical areas being databases and other operating platforms


we at ptx works with enthusiasm our team is blessed with many other talents as well such as Communication skills & active listening , Empathy with users , Acceptance of ownership , Patience and understanding , Investigation & diagnostic skills , IT Language skills


we look before all the marketing awareness of business environment be it business awareness , culture awareness, or social awareness

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